The Randy Schopen Foundation is pleased to report the following grants awarded in October, 2023:

  • A grant to a mom requesting financial assistance for her son battling cancer, to undergo an expensive, experimental treatment.
  • A $3,000 grant to the Jefferson County Literacy Council for Family Literacy, providing books to healthcare and community partners to be distributed to families to build knowledge around physical, mental health and self-care.
  • A grant to a physically-disabled single mom of two small children, who was forced to move because of circumstances beyond her control, to help with a security deposit and rent.
  • A grant to a young family (that includes a disabled child) that unexpectedly lost their husband/father, requesting financial assistance with household needs.
  • A grant to a single mom of 4 children, requesting help paying bills and for childcare to enable her to go back to working full time. Her mother, who helped with childcare and finances, recently passed away.
  • A grant to a single mom of 3 small children, recently out of a domestic abuse situation, requesting help with daycare expenses and back rent to enable her to keep her full-time employment and apartment.

While we are pleased to be able to help out individuals who have fallen on hard times, we also want to encourage charitable organizations that serve Jefferson County to apply for a grant.
If you know of an organization or individual you would like the Randy Schopen Foundation to consider for a grant, please visit the Applications page at