The Randy Schopen Foundation is pleased to report the following grants awarded in November, 2023:

– Jefferson County Safe Sleep Project, a grant to purchase 20 Pack n Plays for Jefferson Co. families that do not have the means to purchase a crib or bassinet. They generally disburse 10-15 Pack n Plays each year to give babies a safe place to sleep to reduce the number of infant deaths due to SIDS.

– A grant to a young mom, whose husband was recently killed in a trucking accident, who fell behind in rent and faces eviction, after paying for funeral expenses. The mom does work full time.

– A grant to a single mom of 2 children, one special needs. Mom also being treated for mental health issues causing her to lose her employment. Asking for help with household bills.

– A grant to a pregnant single mom of three young children, working full time but now ordered to bed rest, for help with daycare and rent.

– A grant to a young father of an infant, whose wife just passed away. After paying funeral expenses, requested help catching up with rent and daycare expenses.

– Seven applications pending verification of information submitted.

If you know of an organization or individual you would like the Randy Schopen Foundation to consider for a grant, please visit the Applications page at