Capn’s Kickin Covid Challenge

Randy Schopen was always the first person to help someone when they needed it. So many in Jefferson County have needed help due to job losses, reduced hours, loss of business, and other factors. The Randy Schopen Foundation has awarded $33,772 in grants to date to families, individuals, and businesses who faced hard times due to the pandemic.

The goal of the Capn’s Kickin Covid Challenge is to raise funds to continue to help those in need.

How can you participate?


Step 1. Donate To The Randy Schopen Foundation

Donate any amount to The Randy Schopen Foundation. For every $20 you donate you are eligible for one free Capn’s Kickin Covid Challenge t-shirt.

Step 2. Create Your Kick Covid In The Butt Video

Create your Capn’s Kickin Covid Challenge Video like the one above.


  • Dedicate your video to a person or a business.
  • Nominate others to take the challenge by sharing the video with them or tagging them on social media.
  • Don’t forget to have someone kick you! We all need a good laugh these days.

Step 3. Share Your Video

Share your video via social media, email, and text to share a laugh and help spread the word about The Randy Schopen Foundation Coronvirus Response Fund.


Are you up for the challenge?

Together we can Kick Covid!

Get A Free T-Shirt!

For every $20 you donate you will receive one Capn’s Kickin Covid Challenge t-shirt for free.

Capn's Kickin Covid T-Shirt