From: Schopen, Greg
Date: Mon, Feb 20, 2012 at 10:23 AM
Subject: Tax ID # 39-6712170

Hi everyone, we finally have a Tax ID# for Donors that are looking for
one. I apologize for the delay, however there was more involved here
that originally anticipated. We will being going under the umbrella of
the Jefferson Community Foundation. The link to their web site is

While this does not exactly fit the mission of the Randy’s memorial it
is an immediate answer to our donor taxable deduction need. The Tax ID
number is 39-6712170.

The name of the Fund will be the Randy Schopen Memorial Foundation,
JCF. We will need the JCF at the end for the fund designation and to
meet regulatory requirements. Checks can then be made out in the name
of “Randy Schopen Memorial Foundation, JCF” and deposited at any
Premier location to the attention of Deb Riddell. Make sure to
designate Deb Riddell in the Trust Department so it doesn’t get mixed
up with other accts at the bank. Please ask for a copy of all checks
so we have a record of all donations.

That’s it and I want to thank Vinnie Krause, Jim Fischer, and Dale
Oppermann for all there diligent work on researching all the options
for the fund.

Greg Schopen