The Randy Schopen Foundation awarded a $2,000 grant which contributed to the purchase of a Polaris 121.5 MHz direction-finding radio system for the R.C. Jaye Memorial Composite Squadron, Civil Air Patrol in Watertown. Friends of Watertown Air Cadets presented this radio to the squadron in January. The squadron has initiated the qualification of more cadets for Emergency Services missions this winter and spring, and training has already begun.

Friends of Watertown Air Cadets, Inc. directly supports the R.C. Jaye Memorial Composite Squadron, Civil Air Patrol in Watertown, Wisconsin. The Civil Air Patrol (CAP) has a notable history of helping the community when disaster strikes. From filling sandbags for floods, providing security around downed aircraft, or searching for missing persons, CAP performs emergency services for state, local, and even federal agencies as the civilian auxiliary of the U.S.
Air Force.

The R.C. Jaye Memorial Composite squadron is comprised of both adults and cadets (young adults age 12 to 21) and seeks to assemble a fully-qualified ground team for Emergency Services missions in Jefferson County. Not only will this team be able to assist in times of disaster and search for the lost, but our CAP cadets can also train to become an Emergency Services ground team member. Cadets hail from the towns of Jefferson, Watertown, Lake Mills, and others throughout Jefferson County. This team will offer regional assistance, and give these remarkable youth a valuable opportunity to serve their communities.

Civil Air Patrol is a national volunteer-run organization that provides the opportunity for service and growth to teens ages 12-18 and adults of any age.