The Randy Schopen Give Someone a Chance Foundation is pleased to report the following grants given during the month of October, 2022:

A single mom who walks her children to school 5 miles daily because her car engine broke down.  She just obtained employment but needed help purchasing a vehicle. A grant to help with the purchase of a vehicle.

A mom of a son with mental health issues, who lost her job due to Covid, struggling to find employment due to the fact she needs to be home 1/2 days to care for her son.  She needed help with rent to keep her apartment.

A couple with mental health issues struggling to make ends meet.

Mom of 6 children has employment but needs a vehicle to get to work and be eligible for low-income housing.  A grant toward the purchase of a vehicle.

Jefferson 1/2 Mile ATV Club fundraiser for the Mammogram Voucher Program to assist underinsured/uninsured individuals in the community 

Jefferson Fire & EMS a grant awarded to purchase equipment used by paramedics for intubation on trauma patients.

Christmas Neighbors to help low-income families and children at the holidays.   An additional grant was awarded to help ensure no family is turned away.

Please visit the “Applications” page at if you know of any groups or individuals you would like the Randy Schopen Foundation to consider for a grant.