Everyone knew how passionate Randy Schopen was about supporting local businesses and people in need. All money raised during this fundraiser will be set aside to support businesses, families, and individuals affected by the shut down by the Corona Virus.

The Foundation will initially provide $10,000 of seed money for the following 2 areas. Additional funds will be considered in the future depending on the need and response to the initial initiative.

We understand there may other needs from the community during this period. The Randy Schopen Foundation has funding available for those needs as well. If you or someone you know needs assistance during the times ahead please fill out an application at https://randyschopenfoundation.org/

We greatly appreciate anything people or businesses can spare for this cause that was so important to Randy to help continue fund the program! Thank you!

Grant Program

Grants will be provided to businesses and individuals in need through the application process on the Randy Schopen Web site. The Foundation reserves the right to accept or deny any applications based on internal criteria that the Foundation so deems. Amounts granted will be at the sole discretion of the Foundation depending on the need and number of applications received. Typically, the Foundation’s mission is to continue to support purposes that Randy Schopen would have supported.

Consideration for Preference – Applications will be considered for all of those in need. Preference will be given to those that meet the following criteria.

  • Individuals or businesses in the Jefferson Community Foundation service area.
  • Families with children under 18 years age.
  • Senior Citizens or individuals with special health needs.
  • Those that have been displaced or lost employment in the service sector. Particularly those that have worked in the restaurant and bar business.

The application process will have the option for the applicant to request funds confidentially for those with personal needs.

Meal Program

Funds will be provided to businesses/restaurants that are providing take out meals. The Foundation will team up with businesses/restaurants to supplement the cost of meals that are being provided to those in need.

Meals can be provided through restaurant and bar requests or individual requests. The details of the meal program are:    (currently being developed by the Foundation.)


  • Families with children under 18.
  • Senior Citizens and those with special health needs.
  • Jefferson County geographical area.


The Foundation will accept donations from individuals and business that are able to contribute to help supplement these 2 programs.

Donations can be made on the Randy Schopen Foundation Website or be sent to : 

Randy Schopen Foundation

148 E Milwaukee St.

Jefferson, WI 53549